Top 5 Best Kona Coffee

There are several coffee brands all around the world, each loved for its unique and exotic taste. Sometimes it can get a little difficult to decide which one works best for you and the many varieties does little to narrow down your options for you. But I have observed that one particular coffee has managed to win the hearts of many coffee lovers around the world – Kona coffee.

From its rich homeland to its rich taste and then considering its many benefits, this coffee is simply amazing. This coffee hails from the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa from the Kona district located in Hawaii. The name ‘Kona’ is peculiar to its origin and it is even one of the most expensive coffees roaming the market place. Kona coffee asides from working magic on your taste buds also helps a great deal in reducing any risk of you getting a brain disease or a nervous disorder. People love this coffee for all different reasons and purchase it for these reasons but the Kona coffee does not come in just one brand, it spans over a variety of packaging that is set to specifically suit your need however you want it and I have specially handpicked the five best Kona coffee you will find all based on the personal experience of coffee lovers like yourself.


It can sometimes be difficult deciding on what Kona coffee to purchase from the market because they are all great and they all do well to satisfy our personal needs. The Kona coffee comes in different flavors and different packaging types that each contains different kinds of coffee. You might not know which you like so I have narrowed your options down for you by using only the best Kona coffees along with their different compositions that work to your taste.


This 14 oz bags of goodness takes the crown as the first on our list, but here is the thing – not only is this whole beauty taking the spotlight on our list, it has also managed to defeat its bears by taking first place in the 2018 Kona coffee cultural festival’s crown division. That should say a lot for a bag of coffee but then this is not just any bag of coffee, it is well known for its smooth flavor and its rich texture and some say that it leaves on your tongue a velvety feeling. The world has handpicked it as the best in Kona coffee town and its manufactures always ensure that every single plant is handpicked for the purpose of your enjoyment. I do not need you to take my word for this, I employ that you try and see or rather taste for yourself. When you start on this Kona journey, going back will certainly not be an option for you. It is a ten out of ten and it most definitely deserves to be the first both on this list and in the world.


This yummy coffee takes second place on our list, it is absolutely rich is taste and it contains what is referred to as the ‘golden jewel’ of Kona coffee. Peaberry is not what you would randomly find hanging around the market place waiting to be bought, just like everything related to Kona this bean is unique both in taste and in appearance. This coffee compared to others in the world contains 70% lower acid and in the world it is the only coffee that works around this level of acid. Although costly, this coffee promises to fill the tip of your tongue with great taste never known and it is certain that you will not have to regret buying it.


This coffee is raw coffee that is freshly packed and a hundred percent true to its purity. It might get to that point where you are skeptical about the originality of a product and that is understandable considering there are many fakes out there but this green coffee beans can do well in clearing your doubt. It is not blended out and it comes straight from its plant roots just the way you see it.

It is gold standard and some people will even go as far as saying that if you have not tasted peaberry Kona coffee you have not tasted coffee and I have never heard a word so true. It comes unroasted so you can roast yours to have the complete experience and allow the taste register on the tip of your tongue. Getting such a great deal at its price should be on your list of the best things ever.


Quality comes first in the preparation of Kona coffee, they have your taste buds at heart. Mountain thunder premium Kona coffee is not just any coffee, it is an award winning espresso that causes your taste buds to tingle. This coffee is freshly roasted to your satisfaction and is simply perfect for making you your favorite lattes, cappuccinos and lets not forget the Americanos you like so much or the cubanos – these goodies are grown along the slope of the volcanic Hualalai mountain and this position allows for great growth that leads to the great taste. This Kona coffee is a great choice that does not cause any damage to your health as it is low in acids and rich in every other good nutrient. The manufacturers pay close and keen attention to the manufacturing process, ensuring that every good thing about it is a check from their end.


This is purely Kona coffee, you don’t have to worry about it being blended with other coffee beans and it is made extra fancy for you. Its taste is unique with its smooth and rich flavor that is second to none as it is air roasted; being air roasted contributes a great deal to its great taste. Now many people do not realize this but where a crop is planted matters a lot in the way it turns out , Kona coffee is unique as a result of its taste and its taste that manages t stand out amongst the many coffee brands in the world is simply as a result of where it is planted. This Kona crop is cultivated at a rather high elevation and the condition where it is cultivated contributes to its taste.


It would be really sad to buy the wrong coffee type, especially if you have spent quite the amount buying it. Everybody has a preference when it comes to what we eat, well when it comes to pretty much anything that concerns us – what works for the person in front of you might not necessarily work for the person behind you so when you are buying anything at all you will have to figure out what works best for you and what you can do best without. When buying coffee, the specifications vary and we have so many type for so many people. Kona coffee comes in its own variety so figuring out your Kona favorite should not be hard at all. Getting the best coffee does not handle it all, there are some other things that need to be thought of greatly and they include;


In your many years of taking coffee, you will have realized that coffee comes in different types ranging from the dark roast where the bean has some oil lining its surface and where its color appears to be richer and darker to the light roast where the taste of the bean is sour and the color is light brown in appearance. There is also the darker roast and the medium roast all specified to help deal with someone’s cravings. You need to identify which one your taste buds craves for the most.


The feature of every coffee type varies and you need to be able to identify each feature for what it stands for. For instance AA tells you that the coffee contains large beans – most of the times you will find the features printed on the package. Are you a fan of caffeine? If you are, make sure you are not out purchasing a decaffeinated product and vice versa.


The area where the coffee is cultivated does a lot to the taste and aroma of your coffee. Since we are on with Kona coffee, we know that it is mostly grown on the slope of pretty high mountains where the weather condition acts in its favor – know where your coffee is being cultivated from.


Kona coffee is undoubtedly the best coffee you will find out there and although it is costly, I can assure you that it is worth every penny. Everyone loves the taste of good coffee and Kona coffee does not only give you good coffee, it gives you a variety. Nobody loses when buying Kona coffee, you might want to purchase your own now.


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