10 Best Espresso Machine Reviews 2019

What is the use of buying expensive coffee beans and blends when you don't have a coffee machine to complement it? The espresso machine as you already know makes brewing your coffee easy. They are of various types that each have their different functions. So, I had to write a go-to guide for the best espresso machine reviews in 2019.

The general purpose however is to satisfy your coffee needs. A machine is highly effective and reliable. Therefore, getting an espresso machine does your pocket good as you are able to save money. You are probably wondering how?

Well in the long run after purchasing your own machine, you get to spend a whole less than you would usually spend branching at coffee shops day in and day out; you are able to make your own coffee with this machine from the comfort of your home. With that, we add convenience to the list of things you can get from buying your espresso machine.

Using an espresso machine is pretty easy and straightforward, it is not something you have to worry about. These reasons and many more are all why this machine is great for your home. The issue of getting an espresso machine is quite something because although all of them are great, the standards vary in some sense.

The Top 10 Espresso Machines

Over here I will be helping you narrow down your options by outlining the world’s 10 best espresso machines that you can find on the market. It is pretty tough and trust me when I say that I can relate to whatever your confusion is. However, based on the customer reviews and the ratings, I have been able to compile a list of the best espresso machines in the market today. Hopefully after going through them you would be able to find the one that works best for you.

Mr. Coffee BVMC-ECMP1102 Cafe Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker, White

This is an automatic espresso machine that's also capable of making you cappuccinos and lattes. Mr.Coffee has been dedicated to brining quality coffee and good flavor for a long time.

I will show you why this wonderful device deserves to be a member of my best espresso machine reviews list.

This machine may not have stunning european styling or all-metal construction but with a black plastic body sporting brushed metal accents, it will fit right in among modern kitchenware and countertops.

The cool part about it is that it actually froths and steams the milk for you and places it directly into the cup. So it takes the guesswork out in case you have no idea how to do either of those things.

You can select the desired level of steam; less steam for lattes and more for cappuccinos.

One reason this machine is nice is that it has a removable water reservoir. So you can take that out, wash it, and just slide it right back in.

The portafilter looks similar to what's found in coffee shops like Starbucks. 2 filters are included, one for a single shot, and the other for a double shot. So you can make either.

The machine has a removable milk reservoir. You can put there any milk even something like almond milk and it would still froth well. If there is milk remaining, you can safely store the tank in the fridge.

It puts out 15 bars of pressure. So you should lock the portafilter pretty well.

What I love about this machine, you have got an easy one touch operation; you literally press one button to choose your drink (espresso, cappuccino, or latte). You can press twice to get double shot instead of single one.

Cleaning is done simply by a push of button as well!

A con of this machine is that it's a little difficult to take in and out the portfilter; it takes quite a bit of pressure to do it.

Another con, the machine has trouble brewing at a consistent temperature. Therefore, it makes espresso that's a little on the weak side if you use its standard settings and suggested basked sizes.

The machine can't pull the more pleasant flavors from lightly roasted beans and gets clogged up by very fine grounds.

The bottom line, if what you really need to satisfy your coffee habit is a relatively affordable way to make decent lattes and cappuccinos with a little less hassle, I recommend this machine for you.

DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker, Stainless, Metal

This machine looks beautiful combining seamless stainless with plastic that looks elegant and not cheap like many other machines.

It features a large cup warmer on top to keep your cups warm and ready to use at anytime.

The machine uses a pressurized, single and double shot portafilter. It's made of aluminium with stainless steel baskets.

I like about this machine that you can do either pod or ground coffee. It's your choice.

Another nice feature is that the package includes a descaling solution so you don't have to buy it separately.

The removable water tank is attached to the side of the machine and is about 32 Ounce. What is really nice is that the tank is stored inside the machine not outside like many other machines; this makes the final size of the machine pretty compact to fit in any kitchen.

You can get hot water out of this machine using the built-in steamer.

The drip tray is pretty big compared to the machine so you don't have to clean it a lot.

The machine has a built-in espresso tamper to tamp the espresso grounds evenly for a quality shot. I had to include this Delonghi in the guide of the best espresso machine reviews just for this unique feature.

What I didn't like about the machine is that the used coffee pucks are not dry enough so they are sticky which makes the portafilter hard to clean. Moreover, the flipper design by Delonghi worsens the situation; you may easily hurt your knuckles while throwing the pucks.

Overall, the coffee quality of this machine seems to be similar to the rest of the Delonghi machines of the same class. So for the price point of this entry level espresso machine, I would easily recommend it to anyone.

Breville BES840BSXL The Infuser Espresso Machine, Black Sesame

This espresso maker is called the infuser because it does pre-infusion either automatically or manually, you can control. It's also really infused with personality 🙂

This machine was designed and engineered in Australia and that Australian character really shows.

There are cool little things throughout the machine like when you need to descale it, the "clean me" light indicator goes on alarming you. When the drip tray needs to be emptied, a little popup says "Empty Me!".

The most unique feature of this machine is the PID temperature control. Even though the temperature is not adjustable, it's going to be extremely consistent because of that PID control. I really love this review of the best espresso machines because of handy features like this.

The gauge on the front of the machine is a real big help. It lets you know if you are over or under extracting.

This coffee maker features a magnetic tamper located on the front.

Another little piece of Australian character is the portafilter of the machine. It's 54 millimeter, not the standard commercial size. However, it has a lot of nice qualities. First, it's heavy so it retains heat. Second, it got an angle to the handle so that when you go to tamp, the baskets will be horizontal to your surface. Third, it has a little spring that would hold the baskets in place when you knock out.

The machine comes with four filter baskets, a pressurized and non-pressurized for both single and double shots. The pressurized baskets allow you to use pre-ground espresso coffee in case you are new to the whole espresso thing which I really like.

This is a single boiler machine so it should take about 15 seconds to get a steam. If you like to use a pitcher that is larger than the included one, the ball joints makes it really easy to get your pitcher under there.

When you are done with steaming, the machine is going to automatically purge itself instead of manually like many other ones!

There is a hidden tool box located behind the drip tray inside the machine which is another aspect of the Australian personality. It includes tools like a backflow for cleaning the machine and a little clean-out pin for your steam wand and pressurized baskets.

The machine also comes with a water filter so you don't have to get a separate one or use filtered water.

It got a dedicated nozzle on the front just for hot water with a lot of clearance.

Overall the design of the machine is very elegant with mostly stainless steel and a substantial drip tray. Although not the cheapest, I highly recommend this one.

Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Maker by De'Longhi with Aeroccino, Grey

Nespresso is the company that made single serve coffee famous; some of the finest coffees in the world are sourced for these capsules. We are talking about the pioneers and trend setters in not only espresso but also coffee, delivering the finest cup of coffee every time.

This is definitely a coffee machine for coffee lovers. The Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee machine brings a totally new spin on coffee.

The machine is available in gray and red colors, with the former being limited while the latter is more popular.

This machine utilizes Nespresso's automatic blend recognition technology; all you have to do is put the capsule in, click the button, and the coffee maker does the rest. Due to this patented technology, I consider this as one of the best espresso machines that must be reviewed.

The barcode technology is a really clever feature. It recognizes which capsule has been entered into the machine and automatically adjusts the extraction parameters to make each coffee precisely how it's meant to be enjoyed.

At the touch of a button, the Vertuo capsule spins up to 7000 revolutions per minute (RPM), delicately extracting the coffee, leaving you with an indulgent crema. That crema is a sign of using the highest quality coffee.

This handy little machine gives you the ultimate flexibility offering quality coffee in 4 different cup sizes.

There are 20 unique blends of coffee to choose from. So it will certainly suit every coffee drinker. The package contains a sample pack of 12 espresso and coffee flavors to get you started.

The water reservoir holds 37 ounces of water so that's a less refill time for you and more time to enjoy cup after cup.

This package includes Aeroccino which is a wonderful frother made by Nespresso. By having the coffee maker along with the frother, you got to make not just espresso but cappuccinos and lattes as well like your nearest local coffee shop.

Thanks to the innovative design and the small footprint, this unit would fit so beautifully on your countertop with very little space.

The Vertuoplus coffee machine is giving you back the ultimate luxury of time, with the added benefit of a delicious european style barista quality coffee in the comfort of your own home.

DeLonghi Dedica Deluxe Espresso, Silver

When talking about espresso machines, you can spend thousands of dollars or as little as a hundred dollars. In between, gadgets like the Delonghi Dedica. For $300, it's not as powerful as pro models but definitely pulls better shots of espresso more reliably than cheaper products.

The Dedica is compact yet has sleek and attractive styling which almost makes you feel like a real barista when you use it.

The machine has an aluminium portafilter for pulling single and double shots. It comes with three different stainless steel pressurized baskets (a single, a double, and a pod basket).

The water tank is attached to the back of the machine. It's about 35 Ounce which is not bad for a machine of this size.

The Dedica pull shots automatically so you don't have to worry about stopping the water flow manually. Nevertheless, the volume of water going into a cup is programmable.

There are 2 dosage buttons (single and double) with pre-infusion.

With more sensitive temperature control, the machine also reliably pulls pretty consistent shots. It can even handle finer grounds than less expensive espresso makers.

This machine has a steam wand which makes it simple to froth milk. It can be adjusted to output milk with foam or without. The wand can be easily removed to clean.

The Dedica Deluxe has an auto-descaling mode unlike many other machines. Therefore, out of tons of makers out there, this one should be in my top 10 espresso machine reviews manual.

Speaking of size, this machine is only six inches wide. This makes it popular for a small or a studio apartment.

There is a nifty cup warmer on top.

The drip tray is removable allowing you to use taller cups which I really like.

Be careful using the Dedica though especially when attaching the portafilter to the brew head; it's a little tricky and many times you could accidentally press one of the brew buttons while twisting the portafilter into place. That's a drawback.

Another con is that the machine will get clogged by very fine grounds. Don't expect mind-blowing taste from light roasts.

The absence of non-pressurized baskets would be considered a con by many espresso lovers. Moreover, the baskets are 51 millimeter wide which is an odd, non-standard size.

KRUPS EA8250 Fully Automatic Espresso Maker, Large, Piano Black

You don't have to be a professional barista in order to make the perfect espresso right in the comfort of your own home. With this machine, you don't have to have the perfect tamping or know the right water temperature because it will do it all for you.

This machine is so compact that it is actually the most compact fully automatic espresso machine on the market! For this reason alone, this machine has a place in my best espresso machine reviews reference.

The large bean container is 275 grams. What I really like about this container is that it got a full seal on it in order to keep your beans completely fresh.

This machine has a 1.7 Litre water capacity, one of the largest on the market. So, you do not get a compromise for the compact size.

It has a warming tray on the top.

This Krups has an adjustable nozzle if you are creating a short espresso versus a latte. So you have that perfect height requirements for your cup.

It also comes with a fully automatic milk accessory which allows you to have the perfect foam and heat of your milk automatically. You don't have to plunge the milk and froth it yourself. In addition, you don't need to know exactly when to pull it back up in order to have the perfect froth and temperature of your milk.

The machine has a full LCD screen that allows you to walk through your drink selection, water level, and change the temperature of your coffee.

You have an auto-on and auto-off feature; you can program the machine to turn on automatically when you come downstairs and turn off within 30 minutes up to 4 hours when you want to leave.

This coffee maker has a guide attached to its side for quick troubleshooting which is really nice.

The machine has a professional and manually adjustable conical metal grinder that ensures you have the perfect grind of the beans. This in return gives you a perfect level of crema with an unbelievable richness.

The patented thermal block system of this machine ensures that you have the perfect temperature for every cup.

What I LOVE about this Krups coffee maker is that it automatically does a cleaning cycle of the brew unit each time you use it.

There is a clean pull attached to the side of the machine. This tray holds the grinds that failed to make it to the brew unit. You should remove and clean this tray when needed.

One of the cons of this machine is that it's made mostly out of plastic not stainless steel like many competitors or even lower-end machines.

Another con is that you have to replace the water filers, which would cost between $18 and $20 per piece, every 2 months.

Gaggia 14101 Classic Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker

This machine has been a mainstay in the home espresso market for a very long time now and for a good reason. Its build quality, the value for the money, and its performance make it a very attractive choice in the single boiler espresso machine scene.

The housing is made of stainless steel so it's very heavy duty.

The drip tray is accessible from the front of the machine. So it can be removed, taken over to the sink, drained out, and then replaced back.

The water reservoir can be filled from the top of the machine. It has space for about 72 ounces of water and can be removed in case you need to.

The gaggia classic features a full sized 58 millimeter commercial chrome plated portafilter. The large surface area of the filter ensures you get the best extraction of the coffee.

The portafilter attaches to a little brass piece that controls the actual brew pressure. It creates somewhere between 15 to 17 bar of pressure but it actually regulates the pressure down to the commercial standard of 9 bar.

This coffee maker has a three way solenoid valve which relieves the pressure after making a shot so you can remove the portafilter right away.

The machine comes with pressurized and non-pressurized filter baskets for single shots, double shots, and pods.

One of the good things about this machine is that it only takes about 90 seconds to heat up and just 20 seconds to start steaming.

It has a built-in pannarello milk frother.

This classic machine is a design icon that won many awards across the years. It has proven to be very reliable based on customer reviews. The machine is very solid and compact to fit in any kitchen. It's a classic that never gets boring that's why I proudly have it in my espresso machine reviews. I highly recommend it for a classic espresso experience.

De'Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

This is a very compact machine that's suitable for someone who doesn't want to put a fortune into their espresso making gear. It's entry-level but does a very decent job. It's been around for a long time.

It has a pressurized aluminium portafilter which compensates for an imperfect grind to still get you a decent espresso shot.

The machine comes with 2 filter baskets for single and double shots.

The water tank is 35 Ounce which is a really good size in comparison to the machine. It's removable as well. You can see the water level without opening the lid.

One pro of this machine not found in many others is that it can dispense hot water. You can use that to prepare other drinks like tea for example.

There is a stainless cup warmer on top of the machine to keep your shot glasses warm.

The lid of the drip tray is stainless steel not plastic which I really like.

This machine has a pannarello steam arm that rotates left and right, which makes it easy for you to make milk if you're not an expert in using a traditional steam arm to make milk foam.

The boiler of the machine is not big but it is stainless steel which is a real plus for a machine of this price point and size.

This machine has a built-in tamper.

One con of this machine is that you have to shut it off manually when you get the amount of coffee that you want.

With the pannarello wand you will not make perfect milk as far as latte-art quality or something like that; it would make more foam than you probably want. That's another con.

The last con I see is that this machine does not have the three way solenoid valve. This would result in a wet puck no matter what you do.

For the size and the price, this machine has a spot in the top espresso machine reviews.

Rancilio Silvia M Espresso Machine

This is the latest version of a machine which was introduced 20 years ago and had a huge impact on home espresso scene. It was the best selling machine over $300 in the early 2000's.

This maker played a role in developing PID temperature control found in many of today's more expensive machines.

Today it remains a solid choice for those in the market for a powerful, durable, and compact single boiler machine.

The machine features an all-metal construction which is rarely found nowadays.

It has a real 12 Ounce boiler with excellent steaming power.

This maker has a standard 58 millimeter filter baskets and a heavy weight chrome-plated brass portafilter. It has an Over Pressure Valve (OPV) for adjustable brew pressure.

The portafilter handle is angled so baskets are parallel to a countertop which makes it easier to achieve a level tamp.

This machine has a cup warming tray on top which reaches about 115 degrees or more using passive heat from the machine's boiler.

The Silvia contains a three way solenoid valve for dry and easy to knock out coffee pucks.

With proper technique, good coffee, and a capable grinder, the machine produces espresso quality that's very close to that of much more expensive ones.

One of the cons of this machine is that it's not easy to get consistent brew temperatures due to the lack of PID temperature control.

Another con is that the machine can't steam and brew at the same time due to having a single boiler.

Nearly two decades after its introduction, the Silvia remains an excellent choice for those wanting big steaming power but don't have the budget for heat exchange or dual boiler machine. Like the Gaggia Classic, the Silvia M is an icon in the home espresso industry and its place is reserved in the best espresso machine reviews for this year.

Gaggia Accademia Super Automatic Espresso Machine

This is one of the most popular super automatic espresso machines on the market today and for good reasons.

It's a one touch machine which means you can get your drinks at the touch of a button. So it's espresso, lungo coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and more at the touch of one button!

This machine makes milk based drinks very easily with the self cleaning milk wrap.

It has 2 boilers so no wait time between brewing and steaming.

The machine has a color LCD display which makes it very easy for you to program your drinks exactly the way you want them.

It features a high quality grinder.

The water reservoir is pretty large at 54 Ounce and is removable.

The bean hopper is 12 Ounce with an airtight seal to keep your beans really fresh.

The internal components of the machine are accessible either from the top or the front of the machine.

The spout design is very unique letting you go from just a short espresso cup all the way to travel mugs.

The included milk carafe is so nice because you can take it out of the fridge and pop it into the machine. What sets it apart from a lot of other milk carafes on super automatics is that the milk never actually enters the machine; it stays all within the carafe and the handle functions as the spout.

Regarding cleaning of the milk system, what the machine does is that it blows steam right through the handle of the carafe down into the drip tray and rinses out all the milk residue.

The machine can output three different types of milk, steamed milk for latte and 2 types of froth for drinks like cappuccinos. You can program the type of milk you want instead of having to do it manually each time like in many other machines.

This machine has a ceramic grinder with 8 grind settings. With the adjustable grind, you can really control your shots.

The dosing is programmable between 7 grams and 10.5 grams.

The machine comes with a mavea water filter for a nice and clean water and in return a quality espresso.

The Accademia lets you fine-tune your coffee flavor even further using the flow control dial located on the spout. It lets you increase or decrease the flow rate through the coffee.

This machine has a bypass doser that allows you to use pre-ground coffee or even get a quick decaf without having to switch out your beans.

The brew unit is easily removable for quick rinsing.

The dregs store holds coffee from up to 15 brewing cycles. The machine will alert you if the dregs container or the drip tray needs to be emptied.

You can program all the parameters for each drink individually like the coffee dose, the amount of coffee brewed, the amount of milk, coffee temperature, volumes of coffee and milk, pre-infusion, ...etc

Although super automatic, the Accademia has a manual steam wand so you can do professional latte art. You can use it to dispense hot water as well for tea and other drinks.

So all-in-all, if you are looking for quality espresso, easy milk based drinks, and the ability to program the drinks exactly the way you want them, this machine is definitely for you.

The Buying Guide

There are different kinds of espresso machines, and even though they all have the same goal, making great coffee, they vary in function and features.

Some people do not know much about waiting and paneling their needs out before going over to get an espresso machine. So often times you find a person who owns a programmable espresso machine still stressing so much instead of just using the features of the machine to make great coffee without breaking a sweat.

Instead of just going to the market to buy an espresso machine or ordering one online, you need to take a step back and gauge your options out:

Your Preferred Drink

If you are a pro in espresso making, you probably love to experiment a lot and find new ways to make your espresso better than the last. For a situation like this, you are not expected to get any of the regular espresso machines. The one with more than one boiler should work best for you.

You might also want to spend some time in search of the espresso machine that will bring to life your taste buds. If you do not know much about espresso making, a simple machine would work best for you.


Espresso machines vary in size and some can be too big for you. So now the question is, why would you have such a big machine in your rather small kitchen? There are smaller ones that achieve great functions so why does yours have to be so large.

You need to think about whether or not you have enough kitchen space to house the espresso machine you are on your way to buy.


It will not be wise of you to blow away all of your money on an espresso machine. In everything you do, work with a budget.

Look at the amount of money you have and the machine you are about to buy. If that machine is about to tip your money off the scale, it is advisable to opt for something cheaper. There are some of the best cheap espresso machines out there than can assure you of quality espressos.


Based on those espresso machine reviews that have made the list, it would be nice of you to give any one of them a try as they would help in making you the best espresso you have ever tasted. Some might not be cost friendly but they can guarantee that you will not regret a dime spent.

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