The Best Espresso Machine For 2019

If you regularly enjoy a cup of fresh coffee every now and then, then you might have considered getting yourself an espresso machine to make your own cup of espresso or cappuccino in the comfort of your home or work. Thanks to the manufacturers of coffee machines, you can now easily whip a hot cup of your favourite coffee drink whenever you need one. With an espresso machine, you get to save yourself the visit to your local coffee shop whenever you crave for a freshly brewed espresso.

If you are looking to buy a good espresso machine, you will most likely find it difficult making a choice given the many brands available to choose from. It doesn’t matter whether you work as a barista or you just need to secure one for your personal use, it is important that you pick a good one that works perfectly and wouldn’t blow out after a few months of use.

In this article, you would find some of the top rated espresso machines to help narrow down your options. There are also some of the best espresso machines under $500 listed below in the article, so you might want to ensure that you go through the list to find the one that suits your needs perfectly.

Different Types Of Espresso Machine

Before you set out to buy an espresso machine, it is important you know the different types of espresso machine available to choose from. This is because each of the different types has their own specific method of brewing which has an influence on how the coffee tastes. There are features on them that make it easy for you to control factors such as the water pressure, brew temperature, and how you clean the machine.

A good cup of coffee depends on the amount of pressure used in brewing the coffee which is why there are many espresso makers who apply steam driven technology to get water into the coffee container to produce the coffee drink. Some other machines make use of an electric pump to force water into the container to make the drink. It is important that you know that while machines that use the steam technology are fairly priced, those that operate by means of an electric pump are a good choice if you want to enjoy a great cup of espresso at home.

Some of the different types of espresso machine available in the market include:

Using a Moka Pot

Moka pots are a cheap way to brew espresso. While they are good if you are looking for something that takes up a little less space, they are not a good choice if you are looking to enjoy high quality espresso. This is because it takes a great deal of pressure to brew a good cup of coffee and with a Moka Pot, the extraction process is slow which makes the brew to be bitter unlike when you use an automatic machine. But if you are used to enjoying your espresso a little harsh, then you may want to get a stovetop that looks just like the Moka Pots you were used to when  you were still little.

Due to their portable size, Moka Pots will be something you might be interested in getting if you are a college student who loves to enjoy a good caffeine drink as you can purchase one for as low as $20 and don’t really need to worry about where to keep it since it doesn’t require much space.

Semi-automatic Espresso Machine

The semi-automatic espresso machines are designed to have a lever or sort of switch in front of it that you can use to start and stop the brewing process. To use this type of espresso machine, you will need to put ground coffee in the filter that is usually on the handle. You’d then lock the handle and place it into the head before you put your cup under the filter and then turn on the switch in front of the machine panel to begin the extraction process. Once you are satisfied with the amount of espresso collected in the cup, you would then need to turn off the switch.

These types of espresso machines aren’t all that large, but they take up more space than the Moka Pots but are still an excellent choice if you like your espresso a little less bitter. They are also not that cheap but you can easily find some of the best semi-automatic espresso machines for less than $500.

Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

These types of espresso machines look a lot like the semi-automatic kinds only that they differ due to the presence of microprocessors which help to control the extraction process. There are more buttons on the fully automatic espresso machines than the semi-automatic which make it easy to brew a cup of coffee even if you don’t know how to use an espresso machine.

This is a good choice if you are looking for a commercial espresso machine for use in a local coffee shop, espresso bar, restaurant, or in an office. They can also be purchased if you have a large family that loves to have coffee regularly since it is easy to operate and clean. You can also easily program the machine to different shot sizes especially when used commercially.

While the fully automatic espresso machines are a lot easier to use, they are often highly priced due to their efficiency. Also, they tend to take up more space compared to other types of espresso machines.

Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Another type of commercial espresso machine is the Super Automatic Espresso Machine which is capable of producing a wider range of drink than any other type of espresso machine. These types of espresso machine are capable of extracting different drinks from coffee ground including American (plain) coffee. The flat heating tray at the top of the machine makes it possible for you to keep cups on top as you heat them before pouring in the drink into the cups. There is also a chute for which you can put in ground coffee without having to go near the coffee grinder inside the machine.

These are a good choice of espresso machine if you are planning a party for a number of people who will be enjoying different types of coffee drink.  Although they cost more but they tend to be worth every penny spent.

Popular Brands of Espresso Machine

Just like there are popular brands of automobile like Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen, there are also popular brands of espresso machine that are available in the market. It is important that I share this information with you so you know the brands that are common with many coffee lovers.

The Breville Brand of Espresso Machine

This espresso machine manufacturer has been around for a while and specializes in quality coffee brewing machines that you can use both at home and for commercial purpose. The Breville Barista Express is one of the popular machines you will find among coffee lovers due to its many features.

The Gaggia Brand of Espresso Machine

You would most likely have seen an espresso machine of Gaggia brand if you come from a family that likes to drink coffee. The earliest brand dates back to the 1930s where they were first introduced as the first type of espresso machine to come with a microchip. If you are looking to buy a quality automatic coffee machine, then you might want to opt for any one of this brand since they pioneered the emergence of automatic espresso machines.

There are also some good brands of espresso machines available to choose from, but you will find 10 of the best in the list below. I have taken the liberty of doing a detailed review of the Top 5 products while also highlighting some others that are worth every penny spent in purchasing it.

Buying Guide for Espresso Machine

Making the decision on which espresso machine to settle for is a lot easier if you know what to look out for when shopping for one. At a first glance, you can’t tell whether or not a machine is durable or not, but with further examination, you can determine if the machine worth spending your hard earned money on. One thing you would want to do before buying an espresso machine is to know how to use one.

You want to ensure that you buy an espresso machine that is made from quality materials to ensure the quality of brew while also offering good value for your money. It makes no sense to buy a machine and have to be in the market for a replacement only after a few months of use.

You also want to check that the machine is capable of making your favourite caffeine drink. If you enjoy cappuccinos the most, then you want to ensure that you get a coffee maker that is capable of brewing cappuccinos.     

Another thing you want to look out for in your espresso machine is that it is easy to use and clean. If you aren’t the tech savvy type, then you would not need to buy an espresso machine with many buttons on it.

While price is one of the key determinants of which machine you eventually settle for, it is necessary that you do work with a budget to help make the purchasing process run smoothly.


If you love coffee and regularly visit your local coffee shop for an espresso or a cup of cappuccino, then you would be saving a lot of money should you make your own brews at home. With a good espresso machine, all you would be spending money on is in buying coffee grounds to brew.

There are a lot of new generation coffee makers that are gradually becoming popular in the market, but if you want something that is common with most coffee lovers, then you might want to consider choosing one of the ten machines listed above.

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